Andy et Léna ChabotFrom 2008 to 2017, Andy Chabot was President and CEO of the Cancer Research Society. Mr. Chabot is also a cancer survivor. Together with his daughter Lena, he wished to express his gratitude to the scientific community that saved his life and to encourage young students to pursue a career in cancer research.

“I created this grant fund to support young researchers’ training. This generation of future scientists is the generation that will accomplish the next breakthroughs in elucidating cancer mechanisms and accelerating the discoveries of innovative therapies.”
Andy Chabot

“As a cancer survivor, I know that it is thanks to research that my father is still with us today, and that is why I am supporting this wonderful initiative. (I hope that his actions will encourage others to do the same.)”
– Léna Chabot

The Andy - Léna Chabot / Cancer Research Society Foundation is dedicated to contributing to the advancement of science while promoting the next generation of scientists. It will allow undergraduate students in Science to pursue a four-month training course in a university research laboratory under the supervision of a recognized scientist who has received a grant from the Cancer Research Society.​



“The grant offers financial support, but even more importantly, it provides learning and a possibility to share knowledge. The internship allows researchers to train the next generation, to show students how to formulate a hypothesis, to develop reflections and more.”
Omar Moussa, Recipient of the scholarship

“I have chosen the field of immunology because I want to contribute to finding new treatment paths that will cause fewer side effects for patients. More specifically, I am interested in how our own bodies can be used to fight the disease.”
Antoine Ackaoui, Recipient of the scholarship

“During my internship, I was able to follow cells’ development in real time. It was my first laboratory experience; it was a huge learning experience for me.”
Corine Proulx, Recipient of the scholarship