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In addition to supporting a cause that is important to you, a planned donation can provide important financial benefits that are not available through conventional donations

Life Insurance

Most people purchase life insurance as a way to protect their loved ones, but did you know that it is also an easy and flexible way of making a large donation at a relatively low cost?

Memorial Funds

After providing for loved ones, you may consider including the Cancer Research Society in your will. It is a meaningful way to support us and allows you to leave a lasting legacy.


A tax-smart way to make a sizable contribution is by donating stocks, bonds and mutual funds. And it's much easier than you think.

Order one of our publications

To help you navigate your different planned giving options, we have put together various publications that are available to you free of charge. Order your copy today.

Let us assist you in planning your heritage. By working with your financial or legal advisor, we can help you establish the form of donation that will best suit your philanthropic goals while taking into account your personal and financial situation.

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