Scholarship from the Cancer Research Society and BMO for the next generation of women scientists

The Cancer Research Society (the Society) is launching its spring fundraising campaign under the theme “The Future of Research.” In partnership with BMO, this campaign seeks to award a Scholarship for the Next Generation of Scientists to two female researchers who are beginning their careers.

In the coming weeks, several researchers who have received a Scholarship for the Next Generation of Scientists from the Society will be put forward as part of this campaign with the aim of demonstrating that it is essential for women to have easier access to funding to continue their research activities.

This scholarship, valued at $ 170,000, aims to attract and support the next generation of Canadian researchers at the end of their postdoctoral fellowship and to ensure their transition to a position of researcher for cancer research in a Canadian university or research center. The Society is proud to be the only Canadian institution to offer such a scholarship since 2013.

“The Society is very proud to partner with BMO to support women scientists in cancer research. It is essential to make more room for young female researchers, because the diversity of genders in a team is of invaluable added value for the future of research.” - Manon Pepin, President and Chief Executive Officer, Cancer Research Society.

“Investing in health, and in particular in cancer research, is a priority for us. We believe that there is enormous potential for generating a positive impact on all Canadian lives. Indeed, each person will benefit from the progress made possible through cancer research.” - Claude Gagnon, President, BMO Financial Group, Quebec

BMO has been a valued partner of the Society since the beginning who has supported several initiatives and contributed to funding cancer research for all these years. The Cancer Research Society is so grateful and thanks BMO for its unwavering support.

Individuals who would like to learn more about the campaign are encouraged to visit the Society’s dedicated campaign page here or to follow the Society’s social media pages.