The Cancer Research Society is so proud to announce that Denis Dionne’s dedication and perseverance have led him to raise over $16,000 for cancer research during his walk across the province of Quebec, a feat he completed between June 29th and August 7th, 2021. He will continue to raise money in the coming months in order to meet his objective of $25,000. 

“When I started out, I had my doubts but the cause is just so important. It was quite the challenge, but I am proud to have completed my trek across Quebec in support of cancer research!” 

- Denis Dionne at the finish line after a 40-day adventure. 

After having travelled over 1,250 km from Percé to Gatineau, Mr. Dionne was filled with a sense of accomplishment, but will nonetheless continue to raise funds as part of this personal challenge. “I am very touched and grateful for all the support that I received. Whether it was my spouse, family members, the Society team or especially all the people I met during my travels and all those who made a donation, know that you have all contributed to my success!” Denis Dionne

“Denis Dionne is a wonderful ambassador for the Society. He makes concrete contributions to advancing research each year, and we are so grateful to him. The Society congratulates him for this undertaking and offers its gratitude to all those who made a donation; thank you all for helping us defeat cancer.” 

- Catherine Paquette, Spokesperson, Cancer Research Society

Recall that this is not Denis Dionne’s first fundraiser for the Cancer Research Society. He took part in the 2019 CRS Challenge for which he raised $12,645 while discovering Patagonia. Moreover, he has registered to participate in two other challenges, Norway (2022) and Cambodia (2023), for which he has already raised over $11,200.

You can still make a donation online via and experience some of the highlights of his adventure on Facebook and Instagram